We need your help to figure out what people would like to see here in the Lower Polk.

We are primarily interested in are what things people would like to see added to the Lower Polk (more parks, more events, more open spaces, etc.).

The information you provide us will help us work with the City, Lower Polk Neighbors, La Voz Latina, and other local groups to help implement your suggestions. If you have ever thought to yourself “gee, I wish that the Lower Polk had more X” – well now here’s your chance to get more “X.”

Actually – it also helps us if you also tell us what really bothers you. We aren’t looking for puppy dogs and unicorns. We want actionable data. We already know about trash, poop, and needles – but what else bothers you? What keeps you up at night? Loud bars? Expensive rent? People parking on sidewalks? Santa Con?

Let us know. And give it to us straight.

Here’s the survey, and it should only take a few minutes: